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NEWcaps 5 - Wix Banner.png


Branding / Print Design

NEWcaps Full Color Logo


Built intentionally to establish credibility and name recognition through the national capsnetwork. “NEW” to describe the opportunity the program provides the community. During growth, the name will serve as an ongoing reminder of the NEW careers, NEW learning, and NEW innovation it brings to the area. (For those in development of our program, this word may serve as a nod of pride to beginning in Newton County.)


VISUAL PIECE: Our program intends to spark interest and opportunity, allowing students to grow/expand into a future of their own path. Size variation to create depth/movement. Rounded points to remain friendly.

BRAND COLORS: Equal representation of partnership  incorporates the Neosho School District and Crowder College's brand colors, allowing future program growth. Maintaining “NEW” emphasis in darker colors, the rest being secondary in hierarchy.

NEWcaps Full Color & One Color Versions
NEWcaps Flyer Front & Back

Program Flyers

Branded flyers were created for each career/program strand. Flyer text details covered topics, potential careers, and the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. These hand-outs could easily be distributed to parents, students, and stakeholders.

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