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Rapha House Boutique

Apparel / Digital Design

Empower Tank


Rapha House is on a mission to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. As part of their aftercare services, their sewing vocational program provides girls with the skills necessary for sustainable freedom. Their boutique sells handmade items, empowering these individuals while raising brand awareness and funds to support further efforts.

The Spring 2019 apparel collection raises awareness, allowing shoppers to show their support.

Social Media

Inspired by client provided stock photography, a set of social media posts and stories are strategized in a gamified sale. Driving traffic towards Instagram, followers are invited to "watch closely" for surprise deals. The fun sale inspires a rhythm of product colors with intentional breaks of full frame photography. Watercolor textures nod to the ethically sourced, handmade, and one-of-a-kind products.

Rapha House "Lucky Sale" Social Campaign
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