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ArtAxis Invitational

Print / Digital Promotional Campaign

ArtAxis Invitational Poster + Panel Artists


Displayed in Crowder College’s Longwell Museum, the exhibit featured work from 22 internationally renowned ceramic artists. ArtAxis is an artist-run organization with nearly 1000 members from all 50 states and over 50 countries worldwide. 

The campaign established credibility and professionalism through print and digital touchpoints to attract art enthusiasts and students. Promotion was developed with approval from ArtAxis board members.

Consistent Creative

Campaign creative is made up of 22 organic shapes representing the total number of participating artists through detail textures of their artwork. Each organic shape brings its own individuality celebrating the inclusivity of the exhibition. The forms pay tribute to the malleability of clay while displaying all artists equally. 

Through the ArtAxis partnership, the poster exists within both the organization and college’s brand guidelines. Combining brand type and colors to display both groups prominently.

ArtAxis Invitational Postcard Front & Back
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